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Marine Propellers

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With decades of experience, Hung Shen knows how to design and manufacture the best propeller to match your vessel. Using the latest technology, together with years of design expertise, we can develop the optimum state of the art propeller to meet your individual needs.


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In order to optimize the performance of luxury yachts, ferry’s, and patrol boats, Hung Shen has developed a New Silent Propeller NSP series. The use of this 4 or 5 blade advanced propeller will reduce propeller induced vibration and noise levels dramatically. The new foil section makes the blade sections much less sensitive to cavitation when operating in the non uniform inflow common to yachts, ferries and fast patrol boats. The NSP series propellers reduce vessel vibration and cabin noise levels approximately 50%.The vessel speed can be increased by approximately one knot for vessels speeds around 30 knots.


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